Let the red-staters, the tea party nuts and commie phobes have their theocratic dark age if they want it so badly.

Feeling ascendant after November 2010 mid-terms the aristocratic class and their mindless sheep are working overtime to diminish democracy, justice, civility and progress.  Since 2008 they’ve been screeching and raving about returning to the good ol’ days.  Every change that this country desperately needs is deemed to be socialism.  Every stimulus dollar is buying us communism.  A brown skinned president with vision, intellect and popular support has driven the phobic, ignorant people beserk and on a rampage.

I say if they want to live in an all white,  christianity-as-the-state-religion, Republican, no-stimulus, no-social-safety-net, gun-infested, no-regulations, no-EPA, no-public spending, no public education, and no family planning or gays world; then I think we should give it to them, but with two main stipulations.  I propose the federal government choose only one red state and turn it completely over to that state’s right-wing.  Secondly, make sure they don’t have any nuclear armaments.  Then let that state know that it will have federal approval for any and all right-wing initiatives and policies.  Make sure its courts and legislatures get the message and remove any moderate/progressive voices from the governing arena.  Take away any stimulus or federal spending of any kind from this state and give the funds to a progressive recipient.  Let the red state figure out on its own how it will stimulate its economy, pay for public maintenance and public schools, etc.  Let them put up their confederate flags and Ten Commandment stones.  Let them deregulate and privatize everything.  Let them return to their mythological ‘christian America’ of the 18th or 19th century.  Let it become the failed state and the final lesson that will show once and for all the insanely destructive logical outcomes of right-wing conservative ideology.

Finally, when this state is a complete desolation with the once jubilant residents fleeing the anarchy, industrial war lords, armed religious gangs, neo-slave owners and the resurrected Confederate army, then step in to provide shelter and protection for the penitent.  Finish by re-instituting progressive ideology and programs and bringing it back to the current century again.  This experiment should once and for all prove who really holds the keys to a just and secure American life.


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