Renounce the empire manifesto

The american empire’s seemingly insurmountable obstacles of misplaced priorities, regressive vision, over-extension and obstinate self-centeredness continue to drag the country down, but some are refusing to prop up the empire and its folly.  From a variety of foundations and perspectives, a growing number of us are countering the destructive attitudes and values of an empire that still thinks it inhabits the globe’s moral high ground.  Whether we’re aging atheist hippies or hipster neo-anabaptists, we are rising and we will quietly and nonviolently overcome the worshippers of money and brute power that strive to enslave us and blindly lead us towards barbaric mayhem.  Here is how we are going to do it.

  • We’ll vote for blacks, Latinos, atheists, women, Muslims, gays
  • We’ll ride bikes and walk to work
  • We’ll buy local and fair-trade
  • We will outlaw SUV’s
  • We’ll ride public transit and high speed trains and we’ll love every minute of it
  • We’ll disregard the advice of corporate ad campaigns and commercials…
  • We’ll tune out corporate media
  • We’ll burn wood and live off solar energy
  • We’ll grow our own food
  • We’ll live in smaller houses and drive tiny cars and love every minute of it.
  • We’ll spend more time with our families, children and friends instead of running on your capitalist tread-mill
  • We’ll replace lawns with wildflowers, vegetables and weeds
  • We’ll speak more than one language
  • We’ll stop and listen to anyone anywhere anytime
  • We’ll share our stuff with others
  • We’ll embrace democratic socialism
  • We’ll abandon the empire’s suburbs, ex-urbs, big box stores and mega-churches
  • We’ll give land back to the Native Americans
  • We’ll let any race, color or creed govern and advise us.
  • We won’t ‘support the troops’ or join up…even if the Russians or Chinese are coming
  • We’ll look to Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America and embrace their best ideas for harmonious and stable societies.
  • We won’t put our money in the casino stock market
  • We will constantly assess and critique capitalism
  • We’ll welcome regulations even if they inconvenience our individualism.
  • We’ll champion the greater common good over our own individualistic wants and desires
  • We’ll cherish nature and the environment more than economic gain.
  • We’ll admire simplicity and humility;  we’ll despise affluence and raw power
  • We’ll buy most everything from thrift stores
  • We’ll turn america upside-down
  • We will love and play and follow non-american sports and hobbies
  • We’ll live low-energy, sustainable lives even if it means less money in our pockets.

There’s much more we’ll do and in doing it, we’ll actually be saving america from itself.  Want to be the city on a hill?  Want the world’s respect and gratitude?  The path is narrow but it would be a thrill.  It’s the low road of humility and sacrifice and kindness.  It means a character change, and some of us, one person at a time are changing our attitudes and values in hopes of ethically, economically and morally improving the character and demeanor of our home, america.


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