About Us

Due to powerful forces in america who don’t like to be critiqued or opposed, our identity will be your best guess.  Despite the anti-american bias, this blog is actually dedicated to improving life in these united states.  We believe that when america forsakes its way of doing many things; that is when it will progress and improve.  We are about critiquing america in order to better it; not to destroy it.

Our mission statement can be summed up as, “Sharing and imagining practical ideas aimed at saving america from itself”. We are also about lambasting those things that drag us all down as a nation.  Prophetic opinion, satire and parody shall be employed.  Guest posts by our ideological opposite will also appear now and again to illustrate the destructive thinking of those who worship and strive to maintain the unjust, immoral status quo.

We will also be advocating for in-your-face liberal/progressive living that drives neo-conservative/libertarian/tea-bagger/religious right types crazy.  We’re not talking about driving Prius’,  sipping latte’s and voting for Dem-wimps here.  No, it must be much more than  symbolic expressions of progress.  This blog will be a place for real daily life progressive living.  And above all else this radical progressive living must be a non-violent, communal way of being un-american.

Go forth.  Be unAmerican!


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