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Renounce the empire manifesto

The american empire’s seemingly insurmountable obstacles of misplaced priorities, regressive vision, over-extension and obstinate self-centeredness continue to drag the country down, but some are refusing to prop up the empire and its folly.  From a variety of foundations and perspectives, a growing number of us are countering the destructive attitudes and values of an empire that still thinks it inhabits the globe’s moral high ground.  Whether we’re aging atheist hippies or hipster neo-anabaptists, we are rising and we will quietly and nonviolently overcome the worshippers of money and brute power that strive to enslave us and blindly lead us towards barbaric mayhem.  Here is how we are going to do it. Continue reading


Let the red-staters, the tea party nuts and commie phobes have their theocratic dark age if they want it so badly.

Feeling ascendant after November 2010 mid-terms the aristocratic class and their mindless sheep are working overtime to diminish democracy, justice, civility and progress.  Since 2008 they’ve been screeching and raving about returning to the good ol’ days.  Every change that this country desperately needs is deemed to be socialism.  Every stimulus dollar is buying us communism.  A brown skinned president with vision, intellect and popular support has driven the phobic, ignorant people beserk and on a rampage.

I say if they want to live in an all white,  christianity-as-the-state-religion, Republican, no-stimulus, no-social-safety-net, gun-infested, no-regulations, no-EPA, no-public spending, no public education, and no family planning or gays world; then I think we should give it to them, but with two main stipulations.  Continue reading

Live Progressively – beunamerican’s foundational philosophy

The american right-wing does get one thing right; liberals do put too much faith in the federal government to make their liberal dreams come true.  The ecstatic election of Barack Obama seems to confirm this.  But the american system is really poor at quick, substantive change from the top down and therefore it’s no surprise that a year and a half later, liberals’ discontent with Obama is palpable.

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